An award winning travel chatbot

Millionchats is an Automated Whatsapp Solution based on the expertise of the team at Nicehop that developed the technology for #Hoppi, an award winning travel chatbot in Whatsapp (FITUR 2020).

As COVID-19 is affecting the travel behavior of our customers the team at Nicehop has dived into the difficulties other Startups and SME’s are experiencing when trying to implement Whatsapp as a scalable communication channel.

«Leading Travel Agent in Whatsapp»

After handling more than 500 international city break reservations via Whatsapp we know first hand that this channel is one of the easiest and most convenient ways for a business to connect with their customers.

Unfortunately for small and medium businesses there are very few suitable Whatsapp Automation Solutions on the market. And most of the options available are either too expensive, or too complicated to implement for these kind of companies.

A scalable and affordable solution

By applying the same technology at Millionchats we pretend to close that gap. Our goal is, that any small or medium bussines can successfully incorporate Whatsapp in their company’s strategy at an affordable price.

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